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Reliable name in Cargo Services Qatar, on which you can rely independently! We provide door to door, airport to airport, seaport to seaport services. Also we are there to help you in packaging and shipping, custom clearance and in flight forwarding.

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Main Cargoes In Shipping Industry

The global shipping industry transports goods across continents and connects commerce and industry. In today’s fast-paced society, ship speed and capacity have increased. Ships are customised to handle a variety of goods, from machinery and equipment to food and cars. Crude oil, fuel gases such as LNG and CNG, minerals, and ores all require theirContinue reading “Main Cargoes In Shipping Industry”

Why international freight shipping is complicated?

Freight shipping refers to the transportation of cargoes to other places using land or the ocean. This process is complicated as it includes some rules and regulations to follow. Documents required for international freight shipping There are 4 important unavoidable documents that need to submit by the cargo company to officials.  Commercial Invoice This isContinue reading “Why international freight shipping is complicated?”

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